Rock Lifestyle Updates Week 1 - January 2021

Happy New Year everyone! 2021 is finally among us, and with this comes a year with hope and hopefully some amazing progress to bring this awful pandemic to an end.

With this, we wanted to show you what to expect this year from us. 2020 was a very difficult year for us as a business and with Brexit having come into action on January 1st, things have just got even more difficult for us.

Brexit January 2021 News

Sadly, due to Brexit, as a business we are not able to sell our Merchandise outside of the United Kingdom due to VAT rates. This is something that we feared would happen, and sadly it has become a reality. We will however continue to work with artists from overseas to provide merchandise here in the UK. 

We will of course keep revising to see if there are any changes with both us and the EU to allow us to ship to countries outside of the UK. We'd like to thank all of our customers outside of the UK for your awesome support, and we hope you stay with us for our other services such as New Music & our Digital Artist services.

Our Brand New Service

That brings us on to our next subject, that being our brand new Artist Hire Service. We are working with our Merchandise designer to provide this awesome new service. 

What does this service provide?

This service provides the ability for customers to hire us to produce artwork for the following:

  • Logos (Anything from business, musicians & even YouTubers)
  • Album/EP/Single Artwork Covers

How much will these services cost?

  • Logos - £25
  • Album/EP/Single Artwork Covers will have a price negotiated depending on detail required for the work as this can take longer to produce.

When using this service we highly recommend having an idea of what you would like to be produced and a description of what exactly you would like so our designer can create something truly unique just for you.

If you do not have an idea and would just like us to put an idea together, we are able to do so but please note this may mean your final product may take longer as it will require us to come up with ideas and present them to you to choose which idea you'd prefer. This will add an additional £5 onto your final price.

When this service is up & running in February 2020, we will have a section on our website that will showcase the artwork our designer has already completed for both us and other clients alike. All artwork showcased is copyrighted and must not be used without permission & is also not for sale.

News & Promotions

As you are probably already aware, Rock Lifestyle UK is all about promoting new music and getting any relevant news to you as soon as we can. Since we've started this has become more and more difficult for us to maintain due to being a small team. However, we have put a new plan in place which means you will be discovering even more awesome music every week.

We are always looking for new artists & music to help promote, so, if you are an artist or a PR Agency please do get in touch so we can talk about how we can help promote your music.

This service remains free as it is something we are truly passionate about, we believe Artists shouldn't have to pay to feature in a magazine or even an article no matter how big or small the business is. 

When it comes to event or business promotions we may charge a small fee, it all depends on if we are collaborating with them or simply advertising. We are always open to working with events and doing our best to help them out.

We are also updating our "New Music" tab. Before we had categories which got a little muddled between 2019 - 2020. So we've decided to start with a clean slate! Each category will be the week & month of the release and the artist name so you can find artists alot easier.

Our Newsletter Service

This has been a difficult one to balance due to time constraints, but we are still continuing to provide this service and we are working very hard to improve it. Every month we will put together a newsletter with information that we think you would find interested and just outright awesome!


We'd like to thank you all for your incredible support over the last 2 years, we hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone around the world and we hope to see events coming back later this year. But for now, we must all stay safe and keep our eyes on the prize, that being a huge party at the end of all this madness.

We look forward to bringing our new plans into place throughout the year, and we promise to keep revising the issues with shipping across the world so we can reach everyone in our awesome community.

See you all on February 1st 2021!

- Rock Lifestyle Team




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