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Progressive rock band 8Snake which originally formed in 2011 under the name Franseco Fonte Band, released their latest album titled 'Eight' on 21st March 2020 on their new YouTube channel. The album itself was originally released through NMTCG Records on June 1st 2018.

8Snake have been compared to the likes of Pink Floyd, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave and The Doors from multiple news outlets & radio stations around the world.

What are our thoughts on 'Eight'?

From the get go you do immediately get reminded of Tool and as you sail through the album, you hear the similar sounds of legendary Pink Floyd. The YouTube version of the album, which features pictures by Torturett which shows her excellent artwork from her personal exhibition called "The Dark Side". To us it shows fear, lonelyness and depression which connects directly with the music.

Eight is an album we recommend you check out if you're fan of progressive metal. Each song stands out on it's own but still tells a story. It's definitely one you need to pay attention to both the music & the artwork provided to fully understand the meaning of the music, much like Tool.

Front man Franseco Fonte gives the music an extremely powerful vibe with both his low & high pitch tones giving us a definite Jim Morrison, old school Bruce Dickinson and a slight touch of Chris Cornell who was known for his unique vocals in Audioslave.

As with every band, there's always improvements to be made, but we do feel 8Snake will definitely show it in there upcoming album and has been noted they will be "expanding the scope of sounds that make the band unique" and we're extremely excited to see what they have to offer. We do have to say we felt towards the middle of the album is when things certainly started to pick up and we really got into the music.

How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)

6/10 💀


Album Rankings

Due to the album only being available in one YouTube video, we will list the songs below with the timestamps in ranking order.

1.) Never Ending 32:17

2.) Burn 42:42

3.) Dancer of Love 26:29

4.) Bloody Dream 19:02

5.) Necropolis Eye 00:00

6.) The Dark Heath 49:44

7.) Universe Garden 12:59

8.) Sun 5:12


Let us know what you thought about 8Snakes album "Eight" in the comments below, and tell us whether you agree with our thoughts.





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