A Jokers Rage Reviews

Oh boy, is it review time again? Yes it is! 

Today we will be talking about a band called A Jokers Rage and their new upcoming album 'The Rain Dance'

Before we begin, let us tell you a lil' somin' about the band.

A Jokers Rage is a four-piece "Genre's Disrupting" rock band from the North of England that fuses heavy riffs with dance grooves and theatrical influences. The group is based in York and only became a "serious entity" three years ago when they was called upon to open the independent Rockmantic Weekender in Carlisle and have been growing in popularity ever since.


The bands current member line up is as follows:

Zakk Taylor - Vocals

Adam Gauton - Guitar/Vocals

Geordie Ginface - Bass/Vocals

Matt colinge - Drums / Keyboards /Vocals

Now we've introduced the band, let's get right into the album review!

A Jokers Rage upcoming album 'The Rain Dance' will be the bands debut album which is set to be released on October 25th 2019, this follows from the bands most recent single 'Shylock' which is actually from the bands upcoming album.

Just by this one single release, it's giving us a squeeze of Asking Alexandria (this era) & a dusting of Shinedown.

The album is filled to the brim of tracks that we cannot stop listening to. Every single track in the album will make you crave for even more, and once it's all over, you just click that repeat button over and over again. The album includes a track from the bands previous EP "Ballet To The Masses" which is a tribute to one of their 'hereos' Queen Vocalist, Freddie Mercury. This track alone is a fan favourite and it is no surprise as although it is a tribute to legendary vocalist Freddie Mercury, it showcases the bands raw musical talent whilst also describing the command Freddie & Queen once had.


We have been lucky enough to be able to share the full track listing with you all, of course we cannot post the actual audio clips or videos:

1.) Temptress

2.) Shylock

3.) My Hereos

4.) The One

5.) Meant To Be

6.) Secrets

7.) Bounce (from previous EP, Bounce)

8.) This Dance

9.) Screaming With The Lights Out

10.) Hideaway

11.) Ballet To The Masses (from previous EP, Ballet To The Masses)

12.) Stars Align


So you're probably wondering, what else is new?

Well, if you haven't watched the latest music video 'Shylock' or have attended one of the bands recent concerts, you may not have noticed the new makeover.

The band have labelled this new style #GAMEFACE, although this may seem like a small change to the band they use it to "escape reality" and "channel their alter egos and deliver their message". Which we at RLUK, think is awesome. We love the make up!

"It's our war paint. When the chops are down, life gets tough or you're simply bored out of your skull, put your #GAMEFACE on and handle it with a stronger attitude"


If you love Shinedown, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Queen, Biffy Clyro and pretty much every Rock/Metal band under the sun, you'll love A Jokers Rage.

You can pre-order The Rain Dance here:




Google Play

The band has also been noted as one of the UK's best live unsigned bands and will be announcing more gigs in the next coming weeks (we will update this article with dates & locations)

Have you seen A Jokers Rage live? Let us know on Social Media by using #AJokersRageLive

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