Staind was an American rock band formed in 1995 by Aaron Lewis (Lead Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist), Mike Mushok (Lead Guitarist), Johnny April (Bassist, backing vocalist) and drummer Jon Wysocki.

Staind went on to release hits such as "It's Been A While" and "Outside" and were quite popular during the early 2000's.

However, the band went on Hiatus in 2012 till 2014, they toured for a while then went back on hiatus in late 2014 with Aaron Lewis stating that the hiatus would last "for a while".

Mike Mushok went onto team with Adam Grontier who was the former lead singer of Three Days Grace, Rich Beddoe of Finger Eleven and Eye Empire bassist Corey Lowery to form Saint Asonia.

In an interview with Blabbermouth in August 2016, Mushok stated that the hiatus could possibly be the end of the band entirely. He went onto explain further:

"I remember '09, we stopped touring, and we did a record after that. We did the self-titled Staind record, which we did a little touring on. It was one of my favourite Staind records we had done. Aaron, I know, has another country record coming out in September. So...you know, we say we're gonna do something else, but there's no real plan for it right now. I know he's pursuing. And I know we're writing another record."

However, during Aaron Lewis's solo show last weekend in Oklahoma City, the singer popped this question to the crowd "So, what if I told you Staind is coming back next year"? "I might be lying, but I might not be".

He went onto tease about the possibility of 5 shows being held in 2019 but also stated that he wasn't quite sure about the facts just yet.

We will be making sure to update this article when further information is released.

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