Aiden Hatfield

We've just caught onto a story that is developing online about Mental Health Advocate, Musician & owner of In Music We Trust, Aiden Hatfield. 

After discovering that Aidens Twitter account is no longer available, we did some digging to find out what happened. After searching 'Aiden Hatfield' into Twitter's search engine we discovered that Hatfield has had allegations made against him for sending "unsolicited sexual photographs" to at least 20 women online.

An article by Disability News Service reported that "three women with mental distress who were each harassed by Aiden Hatfield, who himself claimed he had depression and spoke frequently of how he donated half of the profits of his clothing company to the mental health charity Mind." - DNS

It has also been reported that before Aiden closed his Twitter account, three women also commented on his posts releasing these allegations and stated that he had harassed them and sent them naked pictures of himself through private social media messages.

One woman who spoke with DNS said that she herself is a sexual abuse survivor and told DNS that Hatfield was a "Sexual Predator" and that he requested pictures of her.


She continued by telling DNS: "I think it's really important that people know they are not alone. He made me think that I was just being paranoid and that he'd helped hundreds of women with their confidence etc and that him requesting pics was a normal process, to the point we started to doubt ourselves. But he had 100k subscribers we just blamed ourselves.

Speaking out we've gained so much support, we've made contact now with a lot of other women who've experienced exactly the same as us.

So we know now it's not our fault... Just knowing that has eased our self blame and guilt". - Survivor (Reported by DNS)


Aiden has always been described as a "Passionate mental health advocate" and he even told Yorkshire Evening Post that he spends hours every day on social media "Responding to messages & encouraging people to talk about Mental Health and to seek support".

Since these allegations have been made, Aiden Hatfield has practically fallen off the face of the earth. His social media & website are nowhere to be found.

Mental Health charity, MIND, who Aiden had partnered with for his company In Music We Trust, a spokesperson has made a statement:

“We rely heavily on the generosity of individuals, companies and other organisations and we are enormously grateful to everyone who donates their money, time, creativity, profile or profits to help us support people with mental health problems.

“Given the circumstances, however, and in particular the more formal nature of the partnership agreement we have signed, we have decided to pause the agreement with In Music We Trust.

“We note that the website and associated social media profiles are currently unavailable, but we have in any case written to In Music We Trust to ask that our logo is not used in any future promotion without permission, which we won’t give unless the situation is resolved.”

She added: “We are really concerned about the impact that this situation is having on the mental health of all those involved.

“We want anyone who has been affected by this situation or the issues raised to seek support, either through the advice and information provided on our website or our Infoline – 0330 123 3393.” - MIND


If you're a victim of Aiden Hatfield, we urge you to report this to the appropriate authorities to help launch an investigation into this matter.

We at Rock Lifestyle UK are 100% confidential, so if you wish to contact us to speak about your experience with Mr Hatfield please do so. We will not public any information on our website, on social media or discuss with anyone else if you request us not to. We are here for you.

Please email 

We will continue to do our own investigations & work with others who are taking a look into this themselves. 

*Please note, Aiden Hatfield has not yet been proven guilty by a court of law. As of right now he is innocent till proven guilty.*



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