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Italian, Singer, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer, and master of the billboard charts, Alessandro Del Vecchio has released his new album "Sounds From The Notebook, The Demo Sessions. on 29th May 2020.

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This album is filled with a collection of original versions of songs later recorded by acts that he has either been a part of or worked with such as Hardline, Revolution Saints, Find Me, Edge of Forever, Place Vendome and Sunstorm.

Alessandro is one of the most well known names in the rock industry and is associated with numerous acts that you probably listen to to this very day. He has helped shape multiple artists careers & the rock industry as a whole by adding his spark & vision.

Alessandro Del Vecchio spoke about why he does what he does:

“I’m a songwriter by nature,“ he explains. “When I was a kid I wanted to become a musician to write my own songs. I was never attracted to just singing or playing. I wanted to find my own voice and sound through the songs I could write. I just sit down and write, any day, any time. It’s a very natural process for me, like a catharsis. I see and hear sounds and stories everywhere, and for me life and the world are endless inspirations. Obviously, when I write for myself I’m telling my stories and singing my vision, but when I write for somebody else I try to stay true to that artist. But I always try to write songs that are a positive outlet. I am not the kind of songwriter with a bunch of ideas always ‘in the drawer’, as to me creation is a moment. I sit, write, record and complete things as they come to me. When Frontiers came up with the idea of a demo collection of my songs, I was on the one hand humbled because I’m a band guy, a team person, but on the other hand very enthusiastic as I could release some of these songs as they were in their original form. All these demos have been written, arranged and recorded in a matter of only a few hours. When I write I don’t sit on an idea. It’s like I hear the whole song finished in my head and I just channel that creative instinct out. In some places you will hear a one take vocal line, raw angles on guitars, myself playing guitar solos, but the purpose of this album is exactly this: to show the true, raw, real nature of these songs. Picture me, alone in my studio, surrounded by my instruments, a microphone and a notebook and then close your eyes and push play. You’ll be there with me, in that moment when out of a sound in my head these songs became music.”


What are our thoughts about the "Sounds From The Notebook"?

We think it's an absolutely brilliant album. Showcasing the original thoughts and sounds that was behind the songs that we know today. 

Alessandro has once again showcased his amazing talent and given us an insight of what happens behind the scenes and how the original piece of music is changed & these artists putting their own unique sound on the tracks.

This album is definitely worth a listen, listen to the tracks that where originally released by Revolution Saints, Find Me, Gioeli-Castronovo, Sunstorm, Hardline, Place Vendome, Resurrection Kings & Edge of Forever. Listen to them alongside Alessandro's version and you'll be absolutely blown away.

We've been headbanging and singing alone the entire time whilst listening to this album. It truly is a masterpiece.

How many skulls do we give this album? (Rating

10/10 💀

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