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ATTENTION ALL INSTRUMENTAL FANS! We have a new group that we would love to introduce you to!

Altostratus is an instrumental band from Newcastle, United Kingdom and was formed in 2015 by current members
Alex Hek (Guitar),
Jordan Harris (Guitar),
Andrew Smith (Bass) and
Jack Thomas (Drums) and have been playing & writing music ever since.

The band released their debut album titled "Complete the Connection" on February 7th 2020. The album features 10 brilliant tracks that make you want to either sit and listen to the beauty of metal or head bang like crazy. The songs feature riffs that get stuck in your head and breakdowns that force you to lose complete control of your bodily functions.

The new album is available on all digital streaming platforms & a physical copy is available for purchase.

Guitarist Alex Hek made this statement about the bands latest album release:

"We spent a large portion of the writing process making sure that the pace of the record as a whole worked from start to finish, and that every song has it’s own identity. It feature sour heaviest parts to date, as well as a grander, almost post-rock feel throughout.We paid close attention to what every chord says and how every section feels.It’s taken us this long to release as no compromises have been made in regards to composition, and we have spent countless hours discussing very minor details.This has accumulated to create a very nuanced, dynamic–and what we believe to be–epic piece of music.” - Alex Hek (Guitarist)

What are our thoughts on "Complete the Connection?"

We absoloutely love the new album, we are Rock Lifestyle UK don't usually listen to instrumental music, however, Altostratus has definitely introduced us to a new side of metal that we want to listen to even more. The album itself, we definitely agree with Alex, each song has it's own identity, it's almost like it tells us a story alongside the track titles.

How many skulls out of 10 would we give "Complete the Connection?"

7/10 💀

Due to the album not having separate YouTube links, we are unable to do our usual video rating. However, we will list the songs in order and provide the full album stream link so you can follow along as we go through our rankings.

1.) Zephyr

2.) Persea Americana

3.) Lodestone

4.) Starlight

5.) Hosnian Prime

6.) Concord Dawn

7.) Complete the Connection

8.) Eclipse

9.) Universal Receiver

10.) Nexus

 What do you think about Altostratus new album "Complete the Connection"? Let us know in the comments below!

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