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Our good friends over at Broken Empire have just released a brand new cover of Bruno Mars 2012 release 'Locked out of Heaven'.

This is the bands first release since their 3rd EP 'Parasite' which was released in November 2019. -> Read More This EP included tracks such as Time Is Running Out and Halls of Power which are two of our all time favourite Broken Empire songs.

To date, the bands most popular song to date is 'Broken Chains', one of the first ever songs the band released in 2018, and is still an absolute tune.

What are our thoughts of Broken Empire's cover of 'Locked out of Heaven'?

Well of course, like most of us, we was not expecting Broken Empire to release a cover single, however, they did it and they did it well. Iueans vocals suited the song extremely well and the band succeeded in putting their own sound into it and making it their own.

Now of course, we're not saying Broken Empire have defeated Bruno Mars talented vocals, but they have most certainly shown us all that they can change a widely known pop song into their own rock song. If Bruno Mars wasn't so well known, you really wouldn't know if this was a cover or an original.

We definitely prefer Broken Empire's originals, but damn they know how to make something their own.

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀


Where can you check it out?

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