Broken Empire Reviews

WHOA WHOA WHOA! One at a time damn!

​Yes, yes you did read that correctly. Broken Empire are indeed releasing a new single TOMORROW. 

The single is said to be titled "Time Is Running Out" and will be available on all streaming platforms. Click here to view all platforms

We asked Broken Empire if we could have a summary of what tomorrow's release is all about and this is what they said.

"The new single 'Time Is Running Out' from Broken Empire is about people that have doubted you or have done you wrong, and how no matter what, eventually time will catch up with them and people will see them for who they really are, rather than their fake persona.

The facade they put on will eventually been seen straight through, it's just a matter of time."

We are super excited for the release of "Time Is Running Out" and cannot wait to see what the band has in store of for us all.

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