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We've had some exciting news the past few weeks, but in our opinion, nothing is more exciting than upcoming artists announcing new music is on the way.

We have been given the pleasure to review Broken Empire's upcoming EP titled 'Parasite' which is set to be released on Friday 22nd November 2019 and is the follow up to there 2nd EP titled 'Fractures' which as stated by the band, has achieved 64,000 plays on Spotify alone.

"Parasite is the maturest record so far for Broken Empire. Introducing some key themes that haven't been touched on in our first two records and ones that will appear more going forward, there are also some pop elements, major hard-hitting riffs and some softer melodic elements." - Broken Empire

The band released 2 tracks from the upcoming EP a few weeks ago titled 'Time Is Running Out' and 'Parasite'.

Today we are here to tell you our opinions about the EP, having being given the opportunity to listen to the EP early.

Here is the EP's track list and what we personally think about each track on the album.


From the get go, this song makes you want to lose your shit and is by far in our opinion, one of the best songs the band has ever released.

Broken Empire said that 'The title track (parasite) tackles the effects of depression and the feeling of having no one around that can understand, and that day by day you can feel like you have to lie about how you are whilst it's slowly eating away at you".

After reading the lyrics & listening to this track, we can definitely agree that this song definitely reflects on these issues that we all battle at least once in our lifetime. "Misery, I feel it running through me" "You're just my parasite, I'm not free, It's consuming everything".

2>) Halls of Power

Much like the title track, Halls of Power hits you with it's mighty force right from the beginning. Definitely one you'll get stuck in your head quite easily.

The band said that this track "is very much about rising up above those who try to keep you down, and feeling no remorse, almost as if you're happy to see their reign come to an end."

We read through the lyrics & the first sentence hits you with force, "contemplating with all the lives they've shattered" "forceful lies become the shot that kills now" speaks about how powerful lies can be and how much they can impact our lives when used in an abusive manner.

3>) Defcon 1

This track is one we all need to listen to with an open mind and within detail. "Defcon 1 is about the earth. Do we look after the planet we have and try to save it, or do we look up to the stars and find a new plane to live on". This is a question which is a reality, many talks about colonising Mars instead of worrying about the impact we are making on our planet today.

"This life is a gift, that we take for granted" is a lyric that we all connect with on a daily basis. We don't realise how precious life really is until it's ripped away from us. "Look up or look down, do we burn or cherish, our home will be gone" very much speaks about how we have a choice of making our planet & our lives better or do we allow it to disintegrate into nothing.

4>) Time Is Running Out

We all have that one person in our lives that act like they're better than us and try to put us down all the time because they have nicer things or doing nicer things, this song is very much about that. "Time is running out is about being kept down, and knowing that soon, people will see straight through the facade, and time will run out for these deceptive people, you'll see who they really are."

Broken Empire's new EP really speaks to us all. No matter who you are, you have dealt with these issues and one of them you're currently apart of and have been all your life. This new EP is truly inspiring and is something we should all take on board in our lives.

What rating do we give Broken Empire's upcoming EP? 4.5/5 stars. We definitely recommend upon release that you check out the EP and support this band as they're truly working there butts off and trying to spread an important message to everyone, which is we all matter.

The new EP is set to be released on November 22nd 2019 and will be available on most streaming platforms and physical copies will be available to order.

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Don't forget to check out Broken Empire's official 'About Us' page and their exclusive Q&A interview with us!

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