Bury Tomorrow Cannibal Reviews

Bury Tomorrow, a British Metalcore band who formed in 2006, in Southampton, England, has released their fifth studio album "Cannibal" and has been widely appraised by fans from all over the world.

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The bands last studio album release was in 2018 with "Black Flame" which featured tracks Adrenaline, Black Flame & Knife of Gold. This album was also praised by fans.

The new album is available on all streaming platforms.

What are our thoughts about the new album "Cannibal"?

We are no different from the fans! We are absolutely in love with it! Of course, in our opinion, nothing will quite beat their single "Black Flame" as that is our all time favorite, but their track "Gods & Machine" is definitely up their for us.

The new album will have you headbanging from the minute their first track "Choke" begins to play. It will make you want to start moshing in your living room, putting the speakers on full blast and make sure that your neighbors are joining in with all the fun. The screams, the growls, the guitar playing, the drums & bass are just insane, and it always blows us away when bands like these create such insane tracks.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

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