On March 14th 2019, media outlet 'The Blast' released an article about "Slipknot Drummer Chris Fehn Sues Band Over Money Dispute".

In the article, it tells us that Chris Fehn is claiming that his band mates have been running side businesses under the Slipknot brand and that he hasn't received any percentage of profits that have been made. He has named 2 specific band mates:

Originally, Fehn was told that that any money from merchandising and touring is funneled through one soul company which splits the profits between all the band members. He has called for a full forensic accounting done on Slipknot's companies and assets, and to college the damages and profits that he believes he is owed.

Cory Taylor tweeted out on 14th March 2019

"You're gonna read a lot of bullsh*t today. This is all I'll say. JUST WAIT TIL THE TRUTH COMES OUT. Long live the knot".




We are not certain if Cory was talking about Chris Fehns case directly, but we believe it may be associated with it. (We will confirm if this is accurate when we can)

Slipknot are due to release there new album "All Out Life" later this year and are also due to embark on a huge tour with Metallica and headline huge festivals such as Download Festival, Resurrection Fest, Rock Fest plus many more.

Slipknot have already lost 2 original members of the band over the years, and it would be a great shame if Chris Fehn was to depart ways with Slipknot especially when there are huge tours and huge releases coming this year.

As of 3rd January, Chris Fehn has been given approval from a court judge to proceed his case against Slipknot after the band requested for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

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