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It's another great day in the metal scene, Cryosphere have just released a "new" single.

The reason as to why "new" is in quotations, is because fans have actually heard this track before.

Back in 2017 Cryosphere released one of their first ever recorded songs as a demo titled "Nevermore". When the track was released, the band received bad reviews due to the band being new to the scene and also being new to mixing & production.

When Cryosphere released Wolves & Kings, the group decided to pull Nevermore from all streaming platforms.

However, due to the bands fans connecting with the song so strongly & showing that they were upset that the track had been removed. Cryosphere decided it was time to re-release the song with a new recording, mixing & production.

You can actually check out the differences between the two different versions of Nevermore here:

Nevermore - 2017 release (removed track)

Nevermore - 2019 release (new release)

The differences between the two tracks are incredible and Cryosphere has done an amazing job of re-capturing the emotions within the lyrics and the pure power of the instruments which carry the song through.

Nevermore is set to be available on all streaming platform, as of December 2019, the track is only available on YouTube or for purchase.



What do you think of Cryospheres latest release? Let us know in the comments below!

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