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Danish Alternative Melodic band, Cryosphere recently released their latest single titled "I Am Become Death" on February 14th 2020.

Cryosphere also announced that they will be releasing a new EP in late spring 2020 which will feature their singles Nevermore and I Am Become Death.

Lead vocalist Sirene has noted that the singles and the new upcoming EP "draws from personal experiences". The first single "Nevermore" which was released in January 2020 told a harsh tale about the difficulties in a parental relationship. The latest single "I Am Become Death" focuses on the story about struggling with mental illness, which sadly in this day in age is still extremely common. The latest single is also the first track that you can hear Irenes screaming and clean vocals.

Our thoughts about "I Am Become Death:

After listening to the single, we definitely believe this song captures the struggles of mental health and the constant battle that is inside a lot of our heads on a daily basis. We definitely think if you're someone who struggles with mental health, when listening to the brutal lyrics from both Anders & Sirene, it's almost like they're speaking to you and it's almost like it lets you know that you're not the only one going through the struggles.

Compared to Cryospheres first EP's and singles, we can definitely hear the evolution of the bands sound. Overall, I Am Become Death is only a glimpse into what legendary music Cryosphere will be releasing later this year, and we are extremely excited. This single is definitely worth the listen!

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Check out I Am Become Death:

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