Dawn of Ashes Reviews

Our friends over at Dawn of Ashes have just released a brand new single 'Sleep Paralysis from their upcoming album "The Antinomian".

The new album is set to be released in the summer of this year and is available for pre-order now -> Click Here <-

What are our thoughts about the latest single?

It's exactly what you'd expect from Dawn of Ashes. With the demonic sounds of vocalist Krisof Bathory and the unearthly sounds that back it, is truly something that blows us away each time we listen to them. 

We believe Sleep Paralysis shows us only a little slither of what the new album is going to be like, we know Dawn of Ashes puts everything they have into what they create and that's with both the music and the production that comes with it.

We truly cannot wait for The Antinomian to be released this summer and we think you should certainly check it out and their previous music.

As to the rating that we've given below, the reason it's not 10/10 is souly because we have a feeling what the band is going to release in the coming months, will dominate this single by miles.

What do we give the single out of 10? (Rating).

9/10 💀

“The lyrical content is based around the critical state of our society and how it’s hard for many to cope with being surrounded by humans who don’t think for themselves. Who follow a life full of corruption. We are living in a nightmare and all we want to do is wake up.

The song is a hard hitting, straight up old school sounded floor on the floor Industrial / EBM track. I hope you enjoy it.” Kristof Bathory -

What's your thoughts about the new single? What's your favourite song from Dawn of Ashes? Let us know in the comments.

Listen: Sleep Paralysis




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