Dawn of Ashes Reviews The Antinomian

Los Angeles based Industrial Metal veterans, Dawn of Ashes have once again risen  from the depths of hell with a brand new album "The Antinomian" through Artoffact Records.

The new album is a follow up from their highly successful album The Crypt Injection II which was released last year & featured tracks such as The Serpents of Eden & The Spirit of Anger.


You can order & stream the new album by clicking here

What do we think about Dawn of Ashes brand new album "The Antinomian"?

Dawn of Ashes brand new album will not only make you wonder how the f*ck Kristofs throat is able to handle such satanic vocals, but it will most certainly have you headbanging & hanging from the ceiling as soon as you press that play button.

"The Antinomian" had exactly the same feeling for me when they released "The Crypt Injection II", The Serpents of Eden was & still is my favourite track from the band, and the minute I heard that track I immediately fell in love, and at that moment Dawn of Ashes became one of my all time favourite bands & a must see live.

From this album, "Dried Up" is my favourite track, and will certainly be added to my playlist and honestly you should too as it'll be a beastly track to have driving down the motorway.

Dawn of Ashes has found its true form and we're honestly shocked that they're not up their up with the giants of metal, because my god, imagine seeing their performance as a headline slot at 10 at night? Pitch black, Blood of the Titans begins to play, and the ground starts to shake from the god tier bass coming from the speakers, you'd probably think Satan is about to pop out from the ground.

Overall, the album is absolutely brilliant and Dawn of Ashes have out done themselves with this one. One of the best albums of the year for us.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀



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