Deftones OFHMS Reviews

American Alternative Metal Giants, Deftones, have dropped a brand new album titled "Ofhms" from their upcoming album also titled "Ofhms" set to be released on 25th September 2020.

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What are our thoughts about "Ofhms"?

The new single is an absolute treat for us Deftones lovers. This being there first album release in 4 years, you can tell they've been hard at work to deliver something truly special.

Upon the first click on the play button, you can tell it's a Deftones track, with those gritty guitars & those incredible drums. It immediately has you wanting to watch them in awe of their insane talents.

Comparing it to there older tracks, such as "Change (In The House of Flies), Deftones has come a long way, they've never really changed there sound but it always keeps getting better and better. Despite this, the new track certainly isn't as heavy as there older stuff but nonetheless it's still incredible.

Lead Vocalist Chino Moreno has such a distinctive voice, if you removed all the guitars, bass & drums, you could still tell it's Deftones, and that's what makes a band unique. Once you have one elements of your band stick out infront of the rest, you've pretty much set your career. Adding all the guitars, bass & drums back in pushes that distinctive Deftones sound even further, turning each track into a masterpiece.

Overall, we're super excited for the new album, this single was an absolute treat!

How many skulls out of 10?
9/10 💀


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