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What's that? Is that a new single? Yep! Dream State have officially released their next single from the bands upcoming album 'Primrose Path' which is being released on October 18th 2019. Each single that Dream State have released so far from the Primrose Path album have been huge hits and have received huge amounts of positivity  on Social Media & Reviews.

Lead singer CJ Giplin said in an interview:

"Twenty Letters is one of my favourite tracks from Primrose Path.

It was about a time in my life where it was a make or break moment. Society’s standardised ways of living were crippling; I was constantly carrying the pain of others around me and I started to face the shadow aspects to my own personality and felt trapped and tormented by my own mind. I sat in my room in the dark and I just cried and broke down. I felt so alone and all my pain rose to the surface and I had to face it all head on, rather than run from it like I always had by self-medicating.

The urge to write had overcome me and felt that what I would write was either going to say goodbye or ease some pain in some way but I knew that night I would do things differently this time. As I started to write, I flooded pages with all the things that were hurting me and my lack of understanding of it all, but shortly after I purged my pain, hope would follow and conquer it. It was cathartic doing it that way. I could still feel the weight on my chest and stomach and I just suddenly had enough of myself. I could not continue living this way. I cannot not let my pain as well as others keep drowning me like this. I’m so grateful for that night because I was able to go through this breakdown alone and without drink or drugs. I stared at my monster in the mirror I made friends with it, I understood it. I felt completely undone by everything and nothing could hurt me again. I had learnt that in order for my soul to change, I must learn and face the shadow aspects to my personality and learn from them, rather than hiding from them. Light has illuminated the way for me and the darkness has shaped it. I’m friends with both and I understand its purpose now. I ended the night holding those letters of mine close and laid there grateful and ready for whatever happens next."

​The new single 'Twenty Letters' premiered on BBC Radio 1 by radio presenter Annie Mac. 

Here is the reactions that many fans had on Social Media:


We at Rock Lifestyle UK also love the new single 'Twenty Letters' and cannot wait for the new album 'Primrose Path' to be released on October 18th 2019.

What's your favourite Dream State song?

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