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American rock band, Evanescence fronted by the lyrical godess, Amy Lee, has released their first single in 9 years.



The new single "Wasted on You" comes from the bands upcoming album "The Bitter You" which will be available for orders & streaming later this year.

What are our thoughts about the new single? (review)

'Wasted on You' has extremely powerful lyrics, and it all starts in the first chorus. "I don't need drugs, I'm already six feet below, wasted on you". Our personal thoughts about the single is it's about a relationship that we all get involved in at one point in our lives. You think you're invincible against the world and it's you and them for the rest of your life, but then it all came crashing down. 'I don't need drugs I'm already six feet below' resembles the pain that's already killed your heart, therefore not even needing anything to push you to that point.

'Love, don't you remember?, we were the ones, nothing could ever change us, now, it's easier not to believe, we've broken everything, but here we are'.

This is the first verse, and it describes giving up hope, giving up on believing there is a way to fix these problems, hope that there is still love, but everything has 'broken' and it cannot be repaired.

'Once this was a garden, this was a world, all of the nightmares stayed in the dark, A little bit too much time by yourself, and you became the enemy, just look at us now'. This verse alone describes exactly what we said above, the person you love the most, the person you thought you could trust and fight against the world with, has betrayed you and the relationship between you and the other person has crashed leaving you to die, essentially.

'Will I ever be the same, Am i strong enough to change? Is it in my blood, Shield my eyes to face the day, come too far to slip away, but it's killing me to go on without you'. This is the last bridge of the song and it questions your ability to move forward, to evolve and how much pain & sorrow it's causing you to go on without the person you love the most. This is because despite all the pain & torment they've caused you, inside you still love them so it's difficult to continue without them by your side, even though there's nothing left of the relationship.

This song is extremely powerful and it's one you should listen to very closely, because we all can relate to this song at some point in our lives and that's what makes our connection to this song so great.

We think this single is fantastic, it takes us back to the 2003 'fallen' album which was the bands first ever studio album. It featured a track called 'My Immortal' which this new single really takes us back to. 

This single will really pull your heart strings and throw you back in time.

How many skulls out of 10? (rating)

10/10 💀

 LISTEN: Evanescence Wasted On You




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