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Author: Maria Perdersen

The alternative/modern rock band from Greifswald Umgebung, Germany, Five Crumbs, has released an electrifying new single 'Monster' 

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The band "Five Crumbs" formed in December 2017, and have already gained over 2,000 followers on Instagram alone.

"Five Crumbs has set out to create a modern and unique sound. The combination of rock music with elements from different styles outside of the genre makes for an exciting listening experience with the vision in mind to progress their sound continuously."  - Five Crumbs

Their two EP's "Fall Awake" & "Prisoners" quickly reached 30.000 streams on Spotify,the newcomer band seems to be going places.

Band members of Five Crumbs:

Richard - Vocalist

Markus - Lead guitar

Niklas - Rhythm guitar

Lars - Drums

Franz - Bass

What is our thoughts about the upcoming single "MONSTER"? 

Five Crumbs are back with another amazing track, and is most certainly worth a listen. If you've never heard of Five Crumbs before, it's almost like HellYeah had a baby with Audioslave.

The band most certainly have their own unique sound that is difficult to miss, and you'll be hooked within seconds, and you'll be smashing the replay button with your fist as soon as the track ends.

Five Crumbs have the ability to make you decide to either listen closely to the lyrics, or lose your shit in the crowd. Much like Tool.

How many skulls out of 10?



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