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The legendary Five Finger Death Punch have just released their highly anticipated album F8 today.

Five Finger Death Punch released their last album titled "And Justice For None" which featured tracks such as Fake & Sham Pain. Sham Pain has achieved over 45million views on YouTube. The band also released 3 singles "Inside Out", "Full Circle" and "Living The Dream" of which have accumulated over 1million views.

"F8" is available for purchase & digital streaming now > Click Here <

Five Finger Death Punch are currently out on tour, click here to view dates & buy tickets

What are our thoughts about F8? (Review)

This new album by Five Finger Death Punch was definitely a more emotional album for the band as it showcased their anger and upset about personal relations as well as events occurring around the world, such as war which is a recurring theme to FFDP albums.

We also felt the band where experimenting with news sounds to bring an even more unique feeling to their music. Songs such as Leave It All Behind spoke about mental health and the actions that we take during the darkest moments of our lives. Speaking about helping others during their lowest point and helping them leaving all their troubled pasts behind.

We definitely recommend listening to this album, even with the slower songs, listen to the lyrics and you will most likely either relate or still be struck by the story that they're telling.

How many skulls out of 10?

9.5/10 💀

ALBUM RANKING: - Let us know what your favourite song is from this album below!

1.) To Be Alone

2.) Making Monsters

3.) Bottom of the Top

4.) Leave It All Behind

5.) Living The Dream

6.) This Is War

7.) Mother May I (Tic Toc)

8.) Death Punch Therapy

9.) Scar Tissue

10.) A Little Bit Off

11.) Inside Out

12.) Full Circle

13.) Brighter Side of Grey

14.) Darkness Settles In

15.) F8

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