Halogram Reviews

Progressive Metal, Instrumental band Halogram which formed in 2017 by musicians Javier Iglesias and Dani Mourinho from Spain and the United Kingdom has released a brand new track titled "Obsolete Future" on January 17th 2020.

Band Members:

Javier Iglesias - Guitar

Dani Mourinho - Bass


What are our thoughts about Obsolete Future?

Halogram has definitely outdone themselves with this release. We usually don't cover instrumental bands but once we heard this track, we was certainly blown away and knew we had to cover this. It's like Metallica had a baby with Dream Theatre and now we get god like sounds from what seems like the masters of music.

Obsolete Future will make you want to head bang, grab a cold one & sit back and enjoy at the same time. We can certainly see Halogram performing at festivals such as Download Festival UK in the near future.

How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)

9/10 💀

Let us know what you think about Halograms track "Obsolete Future" in the comments below.


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