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Pop Punk band from Milton Keynes, Livonia have recently released their debut EP titled "Hate. Relate. Regenerate."

The band that they're "Super stoked to be releasing" their debut EP as it has been a "big part" of their "lives over the last year".


The EP features 3 full length tracks, as well as an intro track which contains one of the bands favourite riffs to play live. The band said "we felt like it was the only way we could properly start the record".

In addition, the lead vocalist, James, explained what each song was all about:

"I originally wrote the lyrics that later became Snake Song when I was about 18,

I had felt there were a lot of people that were willing to undermine me and in order to get themselves better stature in our social groups. This had played on my mind for a few years and I recalled the lyrics and found they still applied nowadays in friendship cliques so I focused the song about being betrayed by a friend.

Blame Away is a follow on from Snake Song. It’s quite an aggressive song about how I’ve called out a person on their wrongs and they just blame absolutely anything but themselves. This obviously relates to the people in snake song but I’ve certainly found that the lyric‘once a snake always a snake' as naive as it may sound, is still something I truly believe in. Maybe I have trust issues,who knows,but it’s pretty powerful!

Talking, we knew was a banger as soon as we first made the demo. It’s a track that we really wanted to put as many meaningful lyrics into in order to show just how strongly we feel about being there for each other and looking out for our mental health.A lot of people do go about their lives feeling like their in a cage and just put a happy face on to cover it up, we wanted to let those people that they’re not alone and it’s always best to talk these things out with someone." - James Bates (Front man)

What are our thoughts about the debut EP?

The new EP really showcases what Livonia is all about, speaking about personal experiences and relating to a real life audience. It throws us back to old school pop punk, from the likes of Blink 182 and Good Charlotte to more recent artists such as Neck Deep. We can most certainly see Livonia performing at Slam Dunk very soon.

Their track "Snake Song" will probably be the one that gets stuck in your head.

How many skulls out of ten?

9/10 💀


You can digitally stream Livonia's debut EP on Spotify -> Click Here <-

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Band Members:

James Bates

Robert Cone

Mark Craig

Tom Matthews

Chris Walters

Tour Dates:

14th March 2020 - Trinity Bar, Harrow

27th March 2020 - Werkhaus, Brick Lane

8th May 2020 - Fiddlers Elbow, Camden




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