The incredibly talented heavy metal band fronted by Maria Brinks, In This Moment have released a brand new album today titled "Mother".

The new album features 14 powerful tracks as well as songs featuring Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen and Joe Cotela of Ded.

In This Moments previous album was released in 2017 titled "Ritual". The album featured songs like Roots, Oh Lord and River of Fire. It also included a track titled "Black Wedding" which featured Judas Priests Rob Halford as well as their own cover of In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

You can purchase "Mother" now by > Clicking Here <

What are our thoughts about the new album? (Review)

In This Moments "Mother" album is slightly different to what we're used to, but In This Moment is a band that evolves over time and improves each time they release something new. Maria's voice and the bands incredible talents continue to impress & blow us away. We are definitely excited to witness the band perform this new album live as they bring their powerful sound across the world.

How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)

10/10 💀

Now it's time for our usual rankings. The order is listed from our our most to our least favourites.
1.) Lay Me Down
2.) We Will Rock You (ft Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen)
3.) Hunting Grounds (ft Joe Cotela of Ded)
4.) Mother
5.) As Above, So Below
6.) The In-Between
7.) God is She
8.) Legacy
9.) Fly Like An Eagle
10.) Into Dust
11.) Holy Man
12.) Born in Flames
13.) The Rude Crusade (Interlude)
14.) The Beginning (Interlude)

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