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First off, we would like to ask some questions about the band itself.

1. Killatrix is a unique name, how did the band chose it? What’s the origin of the name?

Coming up with a band name is always tricky. Finding something you all love, all agree on and one that reflects the identity of the band in the right way can be quite a task. We don’t have an exciting story for this one I’m afraid but while working in the studio we were throwing random names about, some were totally awful but from nowhere Killatrix was mentioned and it was a name that instantly stuck. It just seemed to work with our musical style and visuals.

The line-up of the band was slightly different back then, but the name still stands for what Killatrix is all about.

2. How did Killatrix come to be?

Killatrix was born in the depths of Essex, grown from some rough beats and noises created in a studio into a full band get up.

After sometime writing, recording and experimenting in rehearsal rooms and lots of trial and error Killatrix came to life. We all bring a variety of musical influences, skills and experiences to the table which have been moulded together to create something we believe is exciting, unique and really frickin’ fun!

3. Who are the members of Killatrix and what are their roles?

So Killatrix are Jenni, lead vocals, Samuel Hart on guitar and Jack Morris on drums. We also work closely with producer, co-writer and band co-founder Pete Leslie – but you won’t ever see him on the stage. He prefers being behind the scenes but he is an integral part of the Killatrix family.

4. Your Twitter bio describes your genre as heavy party-rock and electronica, that in-itself is a unique blend of genres. How did you come up with this?

People are surprised by us sometimes and when we tell them what we do they don’t really know what to expect. Heavy party-rock electronica or electro-punk just pretty much sums that up. It doesn’t give too much away so people feel curious listen, see us live then it totally makes sense in its own weird way (hopefully).

Plus, heavy riffs, beats, energy and a bit of angst is what we are about – so got to call it something right?!

5. What are your all time favourite influences?

Tough question. Influences change and broaden as we discover new bands or even sometimes determined by our daily moods haha. But some main ones are probably Linkin Park, Skindred, Gwen Stefani, MCR, A7X, Prodigy, Janelle Monae, NIN – the list is endless. We all have such varied taste from pop to heavy metal from the 80’s through to now.

6. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

On the road, playing playing playing across the waters. Hitting up the festival circuits in the UK and beyond and hopefully joined by a team of like-minded people who believe in what we do.

That’s the dream anyway :)

We know that this past year alone, you’ve had some amazing opportunities like supporting bands such as Skindred & Hands Off Gretel.

i.) How did it feel to be working alongside these artists?

We are totally grateful to these awesome bands for letting us play alongside them. We are huge fans! After chatting with them as well it made us feel that dreams are possible, you just gotta work for it, get yourself heard and give it your best shot.

ii.) Any funny memories from these experiences?

I can’t remember anything particularly funny that happened. Probably just us trying to be cool in front of Skindred.

Oh and at a pretty important gig recently, Jenni stacked it on stage mid song. Managed to not miss a line and very expertly covered it up with a backward roll – no one ever new but there is some great video footage about.

3. Could you see yourselves working with these artists again in the future?

We hope so! We were meant to play another date with Hands Off Gretel later this year but unfortunately we had a member missing so had to pull out – but again soon, fingers crossed!

Upcoming Shows

1. Which show so far has stood out to you the most? And why?

Village Green Festival 2019. We were asked to play the main stage and it was awesome! The stage was HUGE and we got to run around like maniacs. It was also a hometown show for us and the reception we got was amazing!

i.) Do you have any upcoming shows?

We’ve had a little break recently as we’ve been working on loads of brand-new stuff and getting things in place, but we will be announcing a London date soon and in the process of booking what we hope will be a jam-packed 2020!

ii.) Possibility of a UK tour?

Ohhhh yes!!

There have been a few tweets in the past few months about new music.

We are SUPER excited to see what you have in store for everyone! Any spoilers, or information that you may want to share?

No spoilers just yet! We do everything ourselves, from the recording, mixing to video shoots and photos so it’s a lot of work to get it all together and turned around. It also means timings and plans change, but we are super proud of what we have in the pipeline and can’t wait to get it out!

Earlier we said that you guys have a very unique genre, what is your song writing process? What does it entail?

It varies all the time. We don’t have a writing process particularly, but we generally start with a melody and some vocals then layer up from there. We all input our own ideas and bring it all together. Some songs come together immediately, others not so much!

In every interview we always add a “Quick Fire” round where we ask silly questions.

1.) Who is the most sassy person of the band?

Jenni for sure!

2.) What is your favourite 2000’s song?

Such a hard question. Can you ask favourite song of the week instead?

3. What is your spirit animal?

Jack is definitely a dog. 

Jenni is like a wolf or a puma or something.

Sam... he will probably hate this but like a persian cat or something.

4.) Favourite TV show?

Jenni – Peaky Blinders no question!

5. Best food in the world?

Vegan sushi! Or for Jack some sort of unhealthy pizza haha.

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