Future Weapons (A) Killatrix Reviews

Southend based Heavy-Party Electronica band, Killatrix, have released their brand new EP titled "Future Weapons (A)".

You can order & stream the new EP by clicking here.

What are our thoughts about "Future Weapons (A)"?

In this new EP you can just tell that Killatrix have bought their heart & soul into it. Creating new music with singles, Subterranean, Centipede & Cooked Brains, using their unique original sound and adding another layer of epic on top of it.

They've even remastered their previously released tracks; Broken Teeth & Release The Hounds, which sound threw us back to when we first witness their madness live at the Purple Festival in South end a few years ago. They did a really good job remastering these tracks, they sound 10x better than when they was originally released & are tracks you can't really nitpick any faults because they've been perfected.

Ever since its release, Centipede has been our favourite track that the group have released to date. In this track, you can certainly tell lead vocalist Jenni Vodden has improved so much, each track on the album sounds incredible, you can hear the lyrics clearly, and it fits perfectly with the backing track from the incredible talents of Samuel Scarlett (Guitar) and Jack Morris (Guitar).

Overall, Killatrix are a unique band that deserve to be heard, and are a group that you'll get to love very quickly. They're not like other bands that are currently out their already. They're not afraid to try different styles, whilst keeping their original sound & to do that, well, that's what I call true talent.

There is one thing though. We need a remaster of Supersonic! Would be a boom!

"Killatrix are a band with unique blends & styles. Here to get you dancing & rocking out in no time!"

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

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