Centipede Killatrix Reviews Single

Essex Heavy-Parter Rockers, Killatrix have dropped a brand new single "Centipede" from their upcoming EP "Future Weapons (A)" which is set for release on 31st July 2020!

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Killatrix previously released their first single from the album on July 3rd 2020, and it's an absolute belter! (Read more by clicking here)

What are our thoughts about "Centipede"?

Once again, Killatrix are back with their killa (get it?) unique sound! We absoloutely love this track, and we do exactly what lead vocalist Jennie Vodden tells us to do, and that's bang our heads!

We've watched Killatrix evolve since we first witness them live in 2016 at the Purple Festival in Southend, and since then we've fallen in love with their music & their unique blend of genres that works perfectly.

Killatrix may not be everyone cup of tea, as it is definitely different to the rest, but that's what makes them so good. They're a good different, a different that we all need to try out, because trust us, you'll probably love it. Their sound is something you can rock out & dance to, which is difficult to do with music.

Overall, this single is superb, and we'd even say it was better than Subterranean and most likely going to be our favourite track from the new EP.

"Killatrix is a blend of unique sounds that no other will dare to compete with" - RLUK

How many skulls out of 10?

9/10 💀


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