Little Richard

Today is a truly sad day for Rock n Roll. The Father of Rock n Roll, Little Richard who was a pianist & vocalist who hit it big in the 1950' & was an unstoppable machine.

Little Richard is known as the legend who "broke musical barriers" with his music. The New York Times has labelled him as the "Flamboyant Wild Man of Rock n Roll" whilst the Rolling Stone has noted him as "The Father of Rock who broke musical barriers".

Richard released tracks such as:

Tutti Frutti

 Good Golly, Miss Molly

 Long Tall Sally

Queen even performed Tutti Frutti in 1986 at Wembley Stadium, England. 

Both Little Richard & Freddy Mercurys legacy will forever live on, and the fact these two Rock n Roll legends had a connection musically, is incredible.

 Without Little Richard, we wouldn't have the talent that we witness today.

We would like to thank Little Richard for sharing his art, hardwork & talent with the world. He truly inspired many artists, coming from nothing and becoming the legend that he's known as today and will forever live on as The Father of Rock.

What are your memories of Little Richard? Let us know in the comments below!

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