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Swedish Heavy Metal Guitarist, Magnus Karlsson, released his third album by his solo project "Free Fall" on 8th June 2020 through Frontiers Records Srl titled "We Are The Night".

The new album features multiple special guest vocalists such as Dino Jelusick of Animal Drive on "Hold Your Fire" and Dirty Shirley & the amazing Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Some of the strongest melodic singers in metal & hard rock can also be heard throughout the album, with appearances from Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast), Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), Tony Martin (Mollo/Martin, ex-Black Sabbath), Renan Zonta (Electric Mob) and Mike Andersson (Cloudscape).

These singers can be heard over the talented musician Anders Kollerfors (Drums), Magnus Karlsson playing all other instruments & Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Primal Fear, Amaranthe, Pretty Maids) mixing all the recordings.

Karlsson spoke about his new album & his dream team:

“after all the hours of songwriting and recording, I sat back and listened to the final mixes and wondered, 'How can I ever top this album?' It has the sound and vibe I've always been searching for. Old and new friends that I admire are singing their hearts out and making the songs better than I ever could have dreamed of! This third Free Fall album is something really special to me and I hope it will be that for you too!"

He then went on to talk about Dino Jelusick (Animal Drive):

"I first heard/saw Dino on YouTube and then checked out his
band Animal Drive. I was totally knocked out by his amazing voice! It can be compared with many of the singing legends we adore, but he has also got his own style filled with heart, soul and tons of power. Crank up 'Hold Your Fire' and get ready to get blown away by the awesome Dino Jelusick!"
On top of his Solo Career, Magnus Karlsson is well known for being the mastermind behind several Frontier Records productions including Allen/Landen Trilogy, the Allen/Olzon album and albums by Starbreaker (With Tony Harnell), Bob Catley and Kiske/Sommerville.
What are our thoughts about Magnus Karlsson's "We Are The Night" album?
With Magnus being well known for previous successful albums not just by himself but with being the mastermind behind multiple artists, you already know that We Are The Night is a masterpiece in itself.
From the get go you're already feeling the epic wrath of Dino Jelusick from Animal Drive and my god, you need to hold on tight because this man is going to send you to the f*cking moon just by opening his mouth. No rocket ships required, just his vocals.
To say that Magnus is influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, Def Leppard, Judas Priest & Queensryche, it's quite literally like all of these have merged into one big monster of rock and are ready to invade the world with the power of their music.
The instrumentals are on another level & to say he himself did most of it himself, is just incredible. We probably couldn't even guess the amount of hours it must've taken him to put together a single song, let alone an entire album that sounds like it does. It's structure is on epic proportions, and when it ends, you're itching for more & you know you just want to witness this madness live on stage.
When you have the likes of Ronnie Romero on your album, who is the current lead vocalist of Rainbow which was previously fronted by the legend that we know as Dio, you know that that song by itself will dominate the entire album, and it just does. Ronnie's vocals are out of this world and this song alone makes you itch for more, MORE WE TELL YOU!
We also cannot forget to mention Renan Zonta, Noora Louhimo, Mike Andersson & Tony Martin, their additions to this album really help it tie together, and their own tracks "Queen of Fire by Noora, "Dreams and Scars" by Renan, "All The Way To The Stars" by Mike Andersson & Temples and Towers by Tony, will have you singing along, headbanging & also make you want to sit back and appreciate their unholy vocals that will transport you into another dimension.
Overall, the album as expected is amazing (Can you tell we're a fan of it?). I don't think there was a single song on this album that I could criticise or not like what so ever. Each song is unique and brilliant and you need to check it out yourself so you can tell us your own opinion of it in the comments.
Magnus Karlsson & his dream team are here to take over the world, and you're here to witness the wrath of the mighty power of Rock n Roll.
How many skulls out of 10?
10/10 💀

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