Motley Crue

Yes yes, please calm down. The rumours are TRUE! The Crue is back!

​Motley Crue have just released an official statement via their website with a statement stating that after 6 years since signing a cessation of touring agreement they will be reforming due to high demand of "Crueheads, relentlessly demanding for the band to come back together". This was after fans started a petition to get the band back together.

​It also notes after their "Final" show in 2015 the band members parted ways without speaking to one another and did not talk again until 2018 to participate in the making of The Dirt movie which was released on Netflix. They reported that because of the movie the band have become closer and has even bought them back into the recording studio. 

​The Crue will be releasing tour dates soon and you can even set up text updates (US Only) by texting MotleyCrueIsBack to 855 580 CRüE (2783) or sign up for email updates at


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