My Chemical Romance

Sadly, today we are informing you of the highly expected outcome of My Chemical Romance's UK tour.

The announcement follow's shortly after it was announced that MCR has rescheduled their Eden Project concert in Cornwall. Today, it's been revealed that MCR will be postponing their entire UK tour until June 2021 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Here are the new dates;

All tickets purchased for My Chemical Romance's UK concerts will remain valid for the days you paid for originally. If you're un-able to attend the new dates, you must contact the original company you purchased the tickets from.

Please note, customer services at this time may be quite busy, so we recommend emailing companies rather than calling.

We are ourselves are also extremely saddened by this announcement, we've also had multiple concerts & festivals planned this year, but our prediction is most 2020 concerts are either going to be cancelled or postponed. This may also go on until the end of the year. But, that means 2021 will be one hell of a year for Rock & Metal!

My Chemical Romance announced their reform last year and played there first concert in 7 years in Los Angeles, America. 

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