All Distortions Are Intenional Neck Deep Sick Joke

Renowned Welsh Pop Punk band, Neck Deep, have released a brand new single "Sick Joke" from their upcoming album titled "All Distortions Are Intentional" which is due for release on July 24th 2020. 

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The band have already released 2 singles from the upcoming album titled "Fall" and " I Revolve (Around You)" which features an incredible animated music video:

What are our thoughts about "Sick Joke"?

The new single "Sick Joke" is a track that is going straight into our playlist, like many tracks released this past month. Like what is going on July? Everything is just purely f*cking amazing! And the fact is, we have even more music to come from Neck Deep & many other talented artists.

Sick Joke really reminds us why Neck Deep are around, they relate to all of us in some way and they put it into music where it can hit you in the feels but it also makes you just wanna get up, buy a ticket and attend a Neck Deep concert so you can let out those emotions by dancing with your friends in the crowd.

"Sometimes, I wonder if life is some sick joke. Will I wake up and its over? No, I'm still here and I'm not dead"

These lyrics truly do hit you in the feels. Mental health is one of the largest cause of death in the world, and these lyrics ask the question that most of us with mental health ask ourselves on a daily basis, or even those that don't have mental health. In life, we all hit a rough patch and we ask the same question.

"Sit back and listen, close your eyes if you feel it, Cuz I'm questioning everything, It's affecting all my decisions". This to us sounds like anxiety, and it speaks absolute volumes. When you're given a situation when you need to decide upon something, could be as simple as choosing what sandwich you want to eat. Those who suffer with it think about their decision heavily as they don't want to be judged by society, they then choose the sandwich that they feel will put them in a better light to those who they feel will judge them, when actually they didn't want to choose that sandwich but they did it because of others around them.

Of course, we know the song isn't about deciding what sandwich to buy, but that's the basics of it. Questioning all the decisions you make before you make them and picking the one that doesn't even make you happy.

Is life just a sick joke? Will I wake up, and if so will it be over? Essentially asking when I wake up, will all the pain & suffering that I've been enduring during this time of my life be over and done with? Will you be able to move on from it? 

Further on into the song the lyrics after this like "and I'll hold on to a moment, like a sad kid to a blanket, would you tell me that I'm okay? That I'm still here and I'm not dead?". We all need someone to be there for us, and this is pretty much what the song is about (in our eyes). We all have our struggles and we all at least once in our lives call out for help and we need someone to help us get through it.

Overall, Sick Joke is a song that will pull most of our heart strings,because we've all been there. We all have to remember, despite the pain you're going through right now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel & despite the thoughts you may get, we all have a reason to live, you have to live your passion and no matter how hard you fall, you will come out stronger in the end.

"Neck Deep speaks volumes about life, and they do it in a way where we all listen and help us release our emotions in a way where we know we're not alone, we're all one big family and that we're all their for each other"

How many skulls out of 10?


What did you think about the new single? Did you agree with the message that we got from it? Let us know in the comments below

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