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We are sure you all know about slayers retirement, and from that the excitement of the 'Big Four' shows however those hopes are to change.

Metallica's Rob Trujillo has told Australia's 'The Music' "To be honest, I haven't heard any conversations about the Big 4," Continuing from this statement he said "We love Slayer — I love Slayer; they're one of my favourite bands. And Anthrax [are] amazing and that was great what we did a few years back. But I haven't heard any conversations about that. I mean, obviously, we're still in the middle of our tour. And I'm not sure what [the other bands] are doing. I know, yeah, Slayer [are] definitely on their final tour. I'm not even sure Slayer's up for [Big 4 shows] or what."


With Slayer on their final tour, Metallica still touring Hardwired... To Self-Destruct and both Anthrax and Megadeth working on new records, it's a busy time for all of the groups. "It's a weird question, because it hasn't been talked about or discussed, because everybody is kind of in the middle of their stuff right now," added Trujillo, who also said he's not sure on how to answer the question of more Big 4 concerts.

Remembering the shows that did happen, Rob Trujillo once again added, "But I can say it was an incredible experience and we all had a blast. And it was something that no one thought could really be done, and then it happened. And it was a beautiful thing. But, you know, I think at some point, everybody kind of moves on and they get wrapped up in their stuff, and that's kind of where everybody's at right now."

In December, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine insisted that at least one more Big 4 show should happen before Slayer are done for good.

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