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London based Prog/Metal/Rock band Novena is set to release their debut album "ELEVENTH HOUR" on 6th March 2019 and will be available to purchase & stream on all platforms.

To promote the bands upcoming debut album, Novena released a single which is said to be the opening track for the album titled "DISCONNECTED" which you are able to listen to on all platforms now!

Novena also released the full track listing for "ELEVENTH HOUR" on social media today:



Who are Novena?

Novena are an Prog/Rock/Metal band from the South of England (UK). The band broke into the music scene in 2016 with their experimental EP titled "Secondary Genesis". Novena have supported acts such as Skyharbor, Vola and Sithu Aye.

The band members & their roles:

Ross Jennings Lead Vocalist (Haken, Mike Potnoy's Shattered Fortress)

Gareth Mason Vocalist (Slice The Cake)

Dan Thorton Guitarist (ex-HAARP Machine, ex-No Sin Evades His Gaze)

Cameron Spence Drummer (Ravenface, EEAVAH)

Moat Low Bassist (Slugdge, ex-NSEHG)

Harrison White Guitarist, Keyboardist & Theatrical Director.

Social Media:

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