Ozzy Osbourne - HEALTH SCARE!

Ozzy Osbourne -

Ozzy Osbourne - HEALTH SCARE!

Sadly, as most of us know there has recently been a health scare around legendary rocker vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. As of 6th January 2019, Ozzy was hospitalised due to "complications with the flu" as said by his loving and caring wife Sharon Osbourne.

Ozzy has had to cancel the rest of his "No More Tours 2" tour so he can fully recover.

- We will keep you updated on Ozzy's current condition in this article.-

However, I'm sure you all know that he has been hospitalised in the past, most recently at the end of 2018 where he was treated for a staph infection in which he had to receive two sessions of surgery to remove the infection from his hand.

He was able to recover fully from the staph infection, so much so he was able to share a picture of himself eating a cornetto with his fans!

Ozzy later checked in with fans again on Instagram and informed us all that his "thumb is fully recovered now, i'm looking forward to seeing you all this new year's eve"

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Although, those weren't the first time Ozzy has had a medical scare. His first one which was when he bit the head off a bat, which of course was an accident. Ozzy thought it was a fake Halloween decoration but it turned out to be a real bat. He then had to go to hospital and receive a rabies shot.

The singer has also sadly, had a history of drug abuse in which one time in the 80s during his time with Black Sabbath, he almost overdosed.

However, due to Ozzy's strong recoveries from the past, we are keeping a positive mind!

We believe Ozzy Osbourne will be back rocking with us all very soon!



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