Bring It Again Let The Sparks Ignite Perfect Outrage

Rock n Rollers, Perfect Outrage, are set to release their brand new single "Let The Sparks Ignite" on January 1st 2021

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Despite only being a newly formed band, Perfect Outrage have been very busy this year. Having already released two incredible singles "Married To The Madness" and "Bring It Again" earlier this year, the band have been hard at work putting together some more awesome music for us all to bless our ears with.

We've had the awesome opportunity to check out the new single "Let The Sparks Ignite" before its release in January, and honestly we can tell you, you will NOT be disappointed. The new single is kitted out with the bands electrifying sounds, and it of course wouldn't be Perfect Outrage with some awesome guitar shredding in-between.

"Let The Sparks Ignite" reminds us some serious old school rock n roll, along the lines of AC/DC, Van Halen with a touch of Whitesnake. You do not want to miss out.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

Check out their most recent single "Bring It Again" release on 14th September 2020.


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