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French Alternative rock band Perseide have released their brand new album titled "The Only Thing" on 29th May 2020

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Persiede was born from four childhood friends who decided to form a rock band in 2001, as they were just teenagers. Ten years later, they were crossing the frontiers to share their music widely.

After two EP released, a signing to OrageRock label, thousands of gigs across France, Europe and even in the USA, with bands like Soilwork, Betraying The Martyrs, Cancer Bats, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Protest The Hero… The story is still being written today.

What are our thoughts about "The Only Thing"?

The fact this is a debut album is quite mind blowing to us. Although there are some minor improvements that will more than likely be mastered in their follow up releases, the album in itself is definitely incredible.

Listening to this album we couldn't stop hearing already legendary bands in their music. Artists such as Alterbridge, Motionless in White, The Used & Avenged Sevenfold came to mind. The band showed their influences clearly but still formed their own original sound.

At first we thought the album was going to sound the same all the way through, but we was proven very wrong. They used multiple instruments, wasn't all the same tempo & made sure each track flowed perfectly till the end of the song.

We can tell you now, we was singing along, playing our air drums & guitars wondering how the hell their guitarist pulls off such a performance.

Of course, we are aware the band did form in 2001, so it's not like they've had time to practise & work on their craft, but it just proves they're passionate and want any music that they release to blow their audience away, and we believe they've done exactly that.

Overall, Persiede have just released an album which will set them onto a path of success and are a band to keep an eye on. We also recommend definitely checking out the track "Trick or Treat", our favourite track on the album.

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀


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