Isabella ReaLation Reviews

Rising from the busy city of New York, USA, Grunge Alternative Metal Band, ReaLation released their debut single titled "Isabella" on 8th June 2020, and today we are going to review the single.

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ReaLation has said that the song is "A classic tale of a young woman who projects her pain and trauma upon those in her life. Friends and family alike are struggling to save her damaged soul". - ReaLation

What are our thoughts about "Isabella"?

Upon our first listen it immediately reminded us of the likes of Breaking Benjamin with there track "The Diary of Jane" and we immediately fell in love with it.

Grunge is a genre that has to be done well, like most genres really but this one is one you have to get done especially well as it's a mixture of a genre that is usually heavy & fast, slowed right down whilst keeping that heavyness, which can be extremely hard to do, when you want it to sound good atleast.

ReaLation has done an excellent job with their debut single, we can see why they have a decent following on social media & they are, at least for us, a band to get hyped up about whenever they announce new music. You can either sit and listen, or you can rock out with the band & easily learn the lyrics to sing along.

Overall, ReaLation are another band to keep a close eye on. They'll be touring around the world & headlining stadiums in no time.

"ReaLation are a fresh of breath air in the Grunge genre, but we have one more request, we need MORE!"

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀



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