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Reid Henry, Vocalist/Guitarist of My Darkest Days & Deadset Society has released a brand new solo single titled "The Blind" on 7th December 2020.

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This is the second solo single from Reid Henry this year. The track "Monster" was released earlier this year which blew everyone's mind. "The Blind" is no different, it's an absolute monster of a track... hah, get it, monster?...

This won't be the last we hear of Reid Henry, the music that he is putting together as a solo artist is just incredible and we're super excited to hear more from him.

"The Blind" is definitely going into our daily playlist and is quickly becoming one of our favourite tracks of the year.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

Listen to "The Blind":

Reid David Henry is known for being the guitarist & vocalist for My Darkest Days & Deadset Society.

My Darkest Days - Every Lie

Deadset Society - Automatic

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