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This weekend we've been making some changes to our website. Below is a list of things we have changed so far. Please bare in mind if you are reading this before June 28th 2020, some changes may not either be listed or have been made.


Changes as of 27th June 2020:

Price Changes:

We have made the decision to change our prices for our hoodies. This has resulted in us finding another manufacturer with same quality as our previous hoodies, but we feel the ones we have available on store now are 100% worth every penny and that our customers will fill satisfied when they receive their product.

Although it may not sound like a big jump, but our hoodies are now £35 each, compared to our previous price of £40. This also includes shipping.

We are always working on finding lower prices for our products whilst maintaining quality for you all. So we hope you are happy with the new prices & product.

More Choice

In May 2020, we sent out a survey to ask you all what you would like to see on merchandise. Quite a few of you said that you'd love to see more colour on band merch & general clothing. So, we've made the decision to add even more colour options to our products.

Please bare in mind not each product has received these updates yet as we like to make sure the colours we put out match the designs that we have available.

As of current, no changes have been made to any official band merchandise as we are yet to discuss with them about this matter.

We hope you enjoy the variety that we've chosen for our products.

We've also added the ability to pay for your order using PayPal!

Planned Changes:

This weekend we plan to update our website design in general. This is so you have a better experience when you visit our site and that we can provide you with maximum information of what we're all about from the get go.

We also plan on adding some more products to our store, this being things like bottles & pillows, so you have even more of a variety to choose from.

On top of product & design changes, we are also going to be updating our legal policies. This is so everything we do behind the scenes is known to you and so that you know that all of your personal information provided to us is safe & secure, and any products you buy are covered by our damage & refund policy, so you know we will help you as much as possible.

Starting on 1st July 2020, we are welcoming back single reviews. Earlier this year we decided to stop writing reviews for singles unless they're debut singles. This is because of time restraints & wanted to make sure our Album Reviews have more attention so you can receive more information.

Now that our store has been running for a couple of months now, we feel everything is running smoothly so we can pay more attention to these amazing new singles that artists are releasing.


Your Feedback

Please remember, even though you may not work for us, we want to work with you. By visiting us & supporting upcoming artists around the world, we consider you as part of the RLUK Family. 

Your feedback means a lot to us, so we'd love to ask you to leave us comments under our articles, email us about any products you'd like to see, any changes or even any bands you'd like to see us work with. You are what keeps us going and we want to provide you with content that you want to see.





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