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Alternative Metal band from Sheffield, UK, Shadow Smile released a brand new single on Friday 1st May 2020 titled 'Beautiful Disaster'.

Beautiful Disaster is the final additional to the bands 'The Unholy Trinity' of singles that they've released since August last year. It includes singles Digital God and Left Hand Path, all of which have contributed to Shadow Smiles quick growth since their debut last year.

Despite only forming in 2019, the band has accumulated over 3,000 followers on Facebook and 3,000 followers on Instagram which has resulted the band forming their very own cult. 'The Shadow Smile Cult' is the name of the bands Facebook group where they speak to fans directly and post the latest & exclusive updates from the band.

On Social Media, Shadow Smile said that this is actually the first single that features vocals from the entire band:

What are our thoughts about Beautiful Disaster?

The new single really helps shows how unique & talented Shadow Smile truly is. They show the ability of being able to create tracks that have their own style and don't always sound the same.

Despite also being compared to the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, due to the lead singers voice sounding very similar, the band holds it's own unique sound and uses that to their advantage and this single really shows that ability.

So, overall, if you're a fan of metal and also are a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, Shadow Smile is definitely a band you NEED to check out, and even if you're not an A7X fan, check them out, you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

How many skulls out of 10? (rating)

9/10 💀

LISTEN: Beautiful Disaster

Available to stream on most platforms.



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