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Belgium Rock band, SHTEVIL, dropped a brand new EP titled "Thank You" on 16th October 2020.

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The new EP contains 5 new tracks, mixing classic rock & soul giving it a modern day twist to pleasure your ears with.

SHTEVIL spoke about the creation of the EP: 

A lot has happened since the first album. I quit my job, moved, got married, lost my mom & grandma. Enough stuff to make me think of where I am and where I came from as a person. I did most of this record on my own, from recording and mixing to even the artwork. This EP is mainly about overcoming the obstacles of the past few years and being especially grateful for all those experiences, good and bad, hence ‘Thank You’.”

Whilst only forming 2015, SHETVIL has already topped Virgin Radio (Italy) with their track "On Fire" which was also used on multiple TV programs throughout mainland Europe. The bands debut album "STUNG" also received widespread praise across Europe, enabling the band to tour across the mainland's in support of the new record. 

Of course you'd expect incredible tracks from a band inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin & Grand Fund Railroad.

How many skulls out of 10?

9/10 💀

"SHTEVIL have built their own musical vehicle that will be used to take them across the globe to share their talents with millions. As they say, Drive It Like You Stole It'."

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