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Post-Hardcore band from London, UK, Sidelines dropped a brand new single titled "Hangman" on September 4th 2020. 

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What are our thoughts about "Hangman"?

From the moment I pressed the play button I already knew that this single was going to be incredible, and I wasn't proven wrong. Being a relatively new band in the Metal scene, they've dropped one of the hottest tracks that we've heard this year.

Sidelines are a band that just keeps on giving, and their sound despite sounding similar to other bands in the same genre, you can still pick them out from the pack with lead vocalist Joshua Ventezetti's incredible vocals both clean & screams. The backing track itself is one you'll easily recognise once you've heard the song for the first time. It's one of those when you're at a concert you'll immediately go "Oh my god its this song!!!".

The best part of the track is the structure. Even though it flows so well, you can still hear things like the drums and some of the guitars that aren't sticking to a structure which give it that much more of a unique sound. It reminds us a little of InVisions in the way they create their music and it really does work.

Overall, Sidelines are another band to keep a close eye on. They have an incredible future ahead of them.

How many skulls out of 10?

9/10 💀

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