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A brand new metal band from Finland have recently released their debut album through Frontiers Music Srl titled 20/20 on 8th May 2020.

You can buy & stream this album by clicking here

Vocalist Netta Laurenne, has made a statement about what to expect from the new album: 


”It is a versatile album with music for all moods. The songs are melodic and have a great drive. We are trying to clear the clutter from our hearts and heads and hope that the same process will happen to everyone hearing the record. It is all about energy in this world and we are trying to keep that energy alive and moving
so that it can reach the listener and have a true impact and connection with them." 
I had this vision for years about using clay and making these human statues. I once saw a picture with a person with clay on their face and took the idea from there. It never really fitted anywhere before, but once I had sung the song and was listening to it, I realised that this is where the idea was meant to be used. It is
honest, brutal, ugly and beautiful at the same time. It shows us, in a way, without any status or ego. And in this song, that is very important because it is about every human being longing to be loved. It tells about the hide and seek, the fear of getting hurt and the bravery of trusting love. There is also a side to the story which probably all of us have experienced: the letdown, the heartbreak.
Opening up to someone only to be brutally broken. Love can be like a Trojan horse, but can we really ever afford not to let it in? The video was shot in Helsinki by director Owe Lingvall and we were just laughing our asses off rubbing clay on each other. It was also kind of humbling for us to be half-naked with one another, back to back, listening to this song about vulnerability. I hope we managed to make something good." - Netta Laurenne (Lead Vocalist)
What are our thoughts about 20/20 the debut album?
Smackbound a breathe of fresh air and are ready to kick your butt in the mosh pit using the force of their music. 
Honestly, every time we're sent a debut album or single, so far we've been shocked beyond belief and we're here again absolutely shocked beyond belief.
The 20/20 album is really something else, and it's so refreshing hearing something new and it's done in such a different way.
From the first song "Wall of Silence" we already wanted to be standing in front of a stage watching these guys absolutely smash it out the park.
The vocals are incredible & instrumental backing are just WHAT THE F*CK? Who is playing that guitar? Who is playing them drums? Who is playing that bass? because Jesus Christ these are some talented musicians in this band and they've already managed to put together this masterpiece.
All I can ask myself at the end of this album is, how can they top this? Oh yeah I forgot, these guys are f*cking insane and their next album/single is going to be equally as epic as their debut. 
Overall, I really want to congratulate Smackbound. They must've put their entire soul into this debut album and you can really hear it.
And if you've not heard it, you need to. You'll be blown away.
Smackbound are here to stay, a force to be reckoned with.
How many skulls out of 10?
10/10 💀

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