Arcadia Reviews Smash Into Pieces

Written By: Char Smith

Happy summer everyone!  Today I am going to be reviewing the Scandinavian Alternative rock band:  Smash Into Pieces’ NEW album titled “Arcadia” - so grab a cool drink and get cosy.

Here’s a link to the album in discussion in case you want to listen first!

So here I am, post listen, I really don’t know how to start this review. I’m left speechless.

Let’s start with the artwork:

One look at this album's art and I was like, “you son of a bitch, I’m in!”. I pressed play and began a musical journey I could not have anticipated.

I can’t express how much of a journey it takes you on as a first-time listener.  The introduction track was so intense that my eyes genuinely started watering!  Every track really hit me right in the nostalgia box! I’ve never before been able to get so many contrasting memories of multiple genres, bands and tv shows from the same band before! But these geniuses have nailed it! Wow. 

To make an album as astounding as ‘Arcadia’, I imagine there was an insane amount of planning, enthusiasm, skill and hard work needed from every single person.  Everything about this album is so detailed, from the writing and artwork, to the recording and production (and might I just say? - the whole entire album sounds heavenly and C R I S P).

Arcadia tells a story and I’m sure everyone will interpret it in their own unique way.  I even found a track that I can dedicate to an enemy just from the first listen, so, can’t complain.

Now to talk about the sheer quality of the tracks:

The vocals are smooth, sexy and rough in all of the right places creating the perfect tone to be layered with the most amazing instrumental riffs and rhythms.  So, to sum up, this album is breath-taking - I recommend that you go and get your hands all over this band's socials (links below) and stream this album asap!

My favourite track?


How many skulls out of 10?

9/10 ☠️

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