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The time has come, new Static X! American Industrial metal band from Los Angeles, forming in 1994 becoming one of the most well known metal bands in the world, has released a brand new album "Static X Project Regeneration Vol.1 Album" TODAY! (July 10th 2020).

You can order & stream the new album by clicking here

Project Regeneration Vol.1 features 12 brand new Static-X tracks, containing all of the remaining works left behind by Wayne Static, who tragically passed in 2014. The album also features the original Wisconsin Death Trip line up, bassist Tony Campos, drummer Ken Jay and guitarist Koichi Fukuda.


Drummer Ken Jay spoke about the new album & hearing Waynes voice once more: 

"While hearing Waynes voice again provided incredibly emotional moments for us all, the feeling I've ultimately gotten from being in this band and from making music together is FUN... I hope that everyone who listens to this album feels the same way" - Ken Jay

Bassist Tony Campos also commented:

"I'm really excited to finally get the record out to the fans. I know they've been waiting a long time for this, but I'm hoping once they get it, they'll heave the love, sweat, and tears we put into it, and feel like we've done right by them, Wayne's family and Waynes memory" - Tony Campos

What are our thoughts about the new album?

What more can we say apart from we're extremely excited & cannot believe we get to hear Wayne Static's voice on new material for one more time. And as much as these are the final works left behind by Wayne, his voice will live on for centuries to come and will never be forgotten by the world, especially by the Rock & Metal communities around the globe.

The new album is incredible. From the first single they released, "Hollow" and "All These Years", we knew it was going to be one to remember and one that you need to listen to right away, as it truly is something special.

There are absolutely no negative views about this album. It's a masterpiece, every single track we've listened to, we've been headbanging, singing along and just imagining what it would be like to witness this madness live on stage.

Overall, this album is a masterpiece and is one to be written into the history books.

Wayne will never be forgotten, & Static X has made sure of that.

RIP Wayne Static 1965 - 2014


How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀


The Official Track List:

1. Regeneration

2.Hollow (Project Regeneration)

3. Worth Dyin For

4. Terminator Oscillator

5. All These Years

6. Accelerate

7. Bring You Down (Project Regeneration)

8. My Destruction

9. Something of My Own (Project Regeneration)

10. Otsego Placebo

11. Follow

12. Dead Souls




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