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Southend based Heavy-Party Electronica band, Killatrix, have released their brand new EP titled "Future Weapons (A)". You can order & stream the new EP by clicking here. What are our thoughts about "Future Weapons (A)"? In this new EP you can just tell that Killatrix have bought their heart & soul into it. Creating new music with singles, Subterranean, Centipede & Cooked Brains, using their unique original sound and adding another layer of epic on top of it. They've even remastered their previously released tracks; Broken Teeth & Release The Hounds, which sound threw us back to when we first...

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Broken Teeth, Future Weapons (A), Killatrix -

The brilliant Electric-Party Rock band from Southend, Killatrix have released yet another single. However, this time they're going back to 2019 remastering their track "Broken Teeth"! - Check out our EXCLUSIVE Merchandise - Broken Teeth will be featured on Killatrix upcoming EP Future Weapons (A), which features tracks both brand new & previous releases remastered, and it's here to kick your f*cking a$$! What are our thoughts about "Broken Teeth"? Having heard the original when it was released in 2019, there isn't much difference except you can certainly hear that they've had a professional look over the track & much better...

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