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Post-Hardcore band from London, UK, Sidelines dropped a brand new single titled "Hangman" on September 4th 2020.  You can stream the new single by clicking here - Check out our Limited Edition merchandise - What are our thoughts about "Hangman"? From the moment I pressed the play button I already knew that this single was going to be incredible, and I wasn't proven wrong. Being a relatively new band in the Metal scene, they've dropped one of the hottest tracks that we've heard this year. Sidelines are a band that just keeps on giving, and their sound despite sounding similar to...

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British post-hardcore band, Sidelines, are set to drop a brand new single titled "Hangman" on 4th September 2020. The band spoke about the new single: “Hangman came from us as a band feeling both musically and politically frustrated. It touches on themes of class disparity, income inequality andthe hypocritical nature of conservatism. It’s a call out song aimed at a culture of punching down at those that need an open hand, not a fist.” - Sidelines You can pre-save the single by clicking here - Check out our EXCLUSIVE Merchandise - Sidelines are influenced by the likes of Architects, Taking...

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