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Remastered, Reviews, Yesterdays News -

Melodic Punk Band from the Netherlands, Yesterdays News, released their brand new album on 6th November 2020. You can stream the new album by clicking here Check out our exclusive merchandise Yesterdays News told us all about the new album: "Remastered contains a variety of styles, but overall a good amount of melody. We've taken a lot of a global problem subjects like human rights and injustice (start a fire), the denial of climate change (status quo denial), people getting more lazy due to technology (Darwin was wrong) and a world that keeps getting faster and faster, for example, online shopping and...

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Reviews, SHTEVIL, Thank You -

Belgium Rock band, SHTEVIL, dropped a brand new EP titled "Thank You" on 16th October 2020. Order the new EP by clicking here Check out our Halloween sale The new EP contains 5 new tracks, mixing classic rock & soul giving it a modern day twist to pleasure your ears with. SHTEVIL spoke about the creation of the EP:  “A lot has happened since the first album. I quit my job, moved, got married, lost my mom & grandma. Enough stuff to make me think of where I am and where I came from as a person. I did most of...

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Hearts & Hand Grenades, Reviews -

Hard Rock band, Hearts & Hand Grenades have announced they will be releasing a new album titled "Turning To Ashes" on January 8th 2021 via Eclipse Records. You can pre-save and pre-order the new album by clicking here Check out our Halloween sale The new album is produced by Justine Rose, who has previously worked with the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls & James Taylor. "Nothing Left" is the first single & music video from the bands upcoming album already achieving over 7,000 views. Stephanie Wlosinksi, the lead vocalist, spoke about the new single and why it was written:...

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Genus Ordinis Dei, Glare of Deliverance, Reviews -

Italian symphonic death-metal masters, Genus Ordinis, have revealed a brand new music video and single from their incredible new metal-music series "Glare of Deliverance". The new single is Episode 3 titled : Edict via Eclipse Records. Check out our Halloween sale by clicking here Glare of Deliverance is set for a full release on December 4th 2020 and will feature 10 incredible episodes, this is the bands third full-length album but is their most ambitious yet.. You can pre-order and pre-save the most ambitious album of the year, by clicking here. You can watch Episodes 1-3 online by clicking here....

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Jim Peterik, Lion Heart, Pride of Lions, Reviews, Toby Hitchcock -

Melodic Rock Band, Pride of Lions, have released their brand new album "Lion Heart" today (October 9th 2020) through Frontiers Records SRL Pride of Lions is formed by members, Jim Peterik, who is a legendary founding member of Survivor and vocalist Toby Hitchcock who is known as a "Melodic powerhouse" and has been front and centre for some of the genre's best anthems. He has often been compared to Bobby Kimball of Toto, Jimi Jamison of Survivor and Lou Gramm of Foreigner. You can stream the new album by clicking here Check out our exclusive merchandise Jim Peterik has been...

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