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Today's Slayer & Anthrax concert in Christchurch has been cancelled due to the terror attacks that took place on 15th March 2019. Blabbermouth reported that Tim Scandrett who is a counsellor of Christchurch City Council said " the concert, which was slated to feature ANTHRAX in the support slot, was scrapped after talks with the police and the Christchurch City Council. " This is Slayers last tour with Anthrax as they're set to retire. An unfortunate shooting took place on the 15th March 2019. The shooting took place within two mosques in the area of Christchurch in New Zealand, the...

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We are sure you all know about slayers retirement, and from that the excitement of the 'Big Four' shows however those hopes are to change. Metallica's Rob Trujillo has told Australia's 'The Music' "To be honest, I haven't heard any conversations about the Big 4," Continuing from this statement he said "We love Slayer — I love Slayer; they're one of my favourite bands. And Anthrax [are] amazing and that was great what we did a few years back. But I haven't heard any conversations about that. I mean, obviously, we're still in the middle of our tour. And I'm...

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